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Andrew Staniland's scores are published by the Canadian Music Centre
  • Cassini  for marimba and delay (2018) Len: 5'
    Genre:  Chamber Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  marimba 
  • Exit Eden  (2017) Len: 18'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  flute harp 
  • Hypernova  for 5 flutes (2017) Len: 8:00'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  flute flutes 
  • Sounds from the Edge  (2017) Len: 7'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments: 
  • Earthquakes and Islands  8 songs for voice and piano (2016) Len: 35'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  baritone Piano Soprano voice 
  • PHI  Instrumentation: 2(d1)222(d1) 4331, T+2, electronics, strings (2016) Len: 30'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments: 
  • Reflections on O Canada after Truth and Reconciliation  (2016) Len: 3'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments: 
  • Orion Constellation Theory v.1  for snare and electronic (2015) Len: 5'
    Genre:  Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  electronics percussion snare 
  • Lacrimosa  Soprano and cello (2015) Len: 6'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  cello Soprano 
  • Aliment Roots  (2015) Len: 6'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  cello Soprano voice 
  • The Ocean is Full of its Own Collapse  based on Lisa Moore's Novel February (2015) Len: 30'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  narrator Piano violin 
  • Equations Constellations  (2015) Len: 15'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  Guitar harp 
  • Orion Constellation Theory V.2  Arranged for snare duo (2014) Len: 5'
    Genre:  Chamber Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  snare snare duo 
  • Four Elements  (2014) Len: 6'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  String Quartet 
  • Time Travels Light  7 movements for percussion quartet (2014) Len: 35'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  percussion 
  • Vast Machine  Instrumentation: 2222 2200 2 Percussion, Harp, Strings (2014) Len: 7'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments: 
  • Choro: “The Joyful Lament for Villa Lobos”  for 2 guitars (2014) Len: 8'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  Guitar Guitar Duo 
  • Dreaded Sea Voyage  for classical guitar and electronics (2013) Len: 14'
    Genre:  Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  electronics Guitar 
  • Execution Songs  For soprano and piano (tenor, baritone, bass arrangements available)  (2013) Len: 10'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  baritone bass Piano Soprano tenor 
  • Dear John  For Soprano and Harp (2013) Len: 8'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  harp Soprano