I love to write in the morning.

I love to write in the morning. Today, after 3 days off (I never write on weekends) I began with a review of the fragments I have on the go so far: three movements, working titles 1> Rex, 2> Man/MachiNE 3> Return to Eden. About a month ago, I had written a canon-based chorale , intended for the last movement. It came out in a mighty burst, which happens sometimes. Today I returned to it and experienced another cloudburst of creativity, and in two hours I was able to sketch out a loose form of the whole movement. This is at odds with the daily ‘grind’ and snails pace at which the 2nd movement is going, where I have been concentrating most of my daily efforts. Day by day: write 12 measures, delete 11 measures. Both kinds of writing are important, but I must confess that while I count on the daily rituals,  I live for the cloudburst. There is nothing like the feeling of music that appears to write itself.  It is a total rush – like the whole earth is vibrating just right to make the sounds, totally in the moment.  Above all I seek clarity and presence. And nothing nothing says ‘be here now’ quite like a FFF brass tutti on a unison. This pitch, this moment, this place. #nacoballet2017    

from the sketchpad:


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.18.08 AM



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