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Andrew Staniland's scores are published by the Canadian Music Centre
  • Ashlike on the Cradle of the Wind  chamber opera. Libretto: Jill Battson (2005) Len: 20'
    Genre:  Opera-Vocal  Instruments:  chamber choir chamber ensemble 
  • Full Circle  for guitar (2005) Len: 10'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  Guitar 
  • Orchestralympics  for Symphony Orchestra – Instrumentation: 2222 4321 T+2, Hp, Strings (2005) Len: 4'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments:  orchestra 
  • After the Crash  for percussionist (2004) Len: 11'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  percussion 
  • Protestmusik  for symphony orchestra – Instrumentation: 2222 2221 1p, Hp, Cel, Strings (2004) Len: 7'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments:  orchestra 
  • Tapestry  trio: clarinet, cello, tape (2003) Len: 14'
    Genre:  Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  cello clarinet tape 
  • Alchemy  for piano and 5 solo strings (2003) Len: 12'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  Piano strings 
  • Trio  for harp, piano and percussion (2002) Len: 16'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  harp percussion Piano 
  • Two Movements for Orchestra  Instrumentation: 3333 4331, T+3 , Hp, Cel, Strings (2002)
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments:  orchestra 
  • For violin #3  for violin and tape (2001) Len: 7'
    Genre:  Chamber music with electronics  Instruments:  tape violin 
  • 13 Images  for Soprano and Clarinet (2001) Len: 16'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  clarinet Soprano 
  • Variations on a Theme  by D.H Lawrence, ’ for piano and string orchestr (2001) Len: 14'
    Genre:  Orchestral  Instruments:  orchestra Piano 
  • Two Pervasive Miniatures  for small chamber ensemble: fl, ob, cl,, Pno, Soprano (2000) Len: 9'
    Genre:  Chamber  Instruments:  chamber ensemble